Newest vector icons

Smartphone — preview
Amazon — preview
Credit card — preview
Credit card
DBF file — preview
DBF file
CSV file — preview
CSV file
Cloud — preview
Calendar — preview
Envelope with question mark — preview
Envelope with question mark
MOV file — preview
MOV file
LOG file — preview
LOG file
JSP file — preview
JSP file
JS file — preview
JS file
HTM file — preview
HTM file
ICC file — preview
ICC file
ICO file — preview
ICO file
INDD file — preview
INDD file

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Popular vector icons

Folder with check — preview
Folder with check
Sad face icon — preview
Sad face icon
Pencil — preview
Shopping cart with plus — preview
Shopping cart with plus
Browser with shield — preview
Browser with shield
Document file ASPX — preview
Document file ASPX
Lock — preview
Document — preview
Shopping cart with heart — preview
Shopping cart with heart
Anchor — preview
Arrow left — preview
Arrow left
Arrow right — preview
Arrow right
Shopping cart — preview
Shopping cart
Arrow bottom — preview
Arrow bottom
Flag of Germany — preview
Flag of Germany
Check — preview